Class & Curriculum

The Value of Play

For children, play is both their work and pleasure. It's an integral part of a child’s development. We provide age-appropriate, educational play manipulatives and equipment as part of carefully planned learning centers and interest areas.

We provide activities in the preschool program to help develop physical, cognitive, social and emotional skills in young children. Activities are age-appropriate and safe, providing opportunity for successful participation.  

Types of Play

Small Muscle/Manipulatives: Beads, peg boards, puzzles, parquetry, small block, legos

Creative Activites: Painting, clay, markers, glue, playdough, chalk, crayons, scissors, tape

Blocks: Large and small blocks used with various accessories such as trucks, cars, trains, animal figures, etc.

Dramatic Play: Housekeeping area or special role playing activity.

Sensory Materials: Water, sand, birdseed, dirt, etc.

Circle Time: Children participate in calendar activities, weather graphing, counting, show and tell, singing and story time.