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Who to Call When... For current families

When you have questions, it is sometimes hard to know who in the co-op has the answers. The following list of situations and people to call should help you know where to turn:

If you cannot volunteer as working parent on your assigned day
    Call another parent in your class to exchange dates

If you have questions regarding classroom routine or discipline, or you need to make changes in your child's emergency information
    Teacher -

If you have a question about your committee job
    VP/Committees or Job Chairperson -

When your child is sick with a communicable disease or condition (i.e. chicken pox, head lice, COVID-19, etc.)
    Health & Safety -

Questions regarding tuition, scholarship or reimbursement for a committee purchase
    Treasurer -

Questions regarding working parent schedules or general co-op questions
    Class Representative

Change of address or phone
    You can update on your family Jovial link 
    or contact Membership -

Any other questions?
    President -

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