Our Classrooms

Our classroom are FULL of great opportunities to learn and play. Depending on which class is attending at the time, you'll have a variety of areas that will inspire your children for a life time of learning!

In the above picture, you our touch table on the left side, and several other tables which include the playdough table, art project table and the front table which we change depending on the class at the time (might be puzzles or other type of activity that needs a little more space). 

 Above you see a table with this month's theme bugs! Each month, our teacher swaps out wall decorations, the touch table items, the playdough color, and the dramatic play area to match the theme for the month!

 Above you see on the left backside, a kitchen full of food, dishes and kitchen utensils and a few dolls to play family. To the right of the kitchen, there's a light table for magnets for the older kiddos and a doll house on top for the littles. Even further to the right you see a four sided easel where we encourage our preschoolers to paint. We usually give some suggestions based on that month's theme, letter(s), color and/or number(s).

This side of the room holds all our floor play toys like trains, blocks, and farm animal items. We use this area and wall for our circle time activities such as calendar, weather, songs and dancing!

Continuing to the right, you will see our dramatic play area. This area is changed every month. Some other types of dramatic play include the vet, fruit stand, and much more! In the above photo, we have a flower shop where kids can role play by being customer or shop owner. They have flowers, vases, cash register, and even aprons to make this fun role playing experience as real as possible!