Our Teacher

Introducing: Ms. Rachel!

Hello, my name is Rachel Wood, I will probably be best known to your family as Ms. Rachel.  I am very excited to be a part of your preschool community. I am looking forward to a year filled with new experiences for both your children and myself. I know that it can be a little unsettling for families to have a new teacher so here is a little something about myself. 

I am 43, married with two kids, Lilly and Finnegan.  I live in Tacoma and have lived here for most of the past 20 years.  Some of my hobbies include; going for walks, camping, traveling– we just got back from a 10 day road/camping trip with our pop-up trailer, reading a good book, and trying new recipes on my friends and family.   

I graduated from Portland State University with a history degree. I worked until my daughter was born then was able to stay home fulltime with our child/children.  During their preschool years we sent them to a Cooperative Preschool in Tacoma and loved our experience there.  It was during this time that I first started thinking about teaching preschoolers. Once both kids were in school I began to substitute in the Tacoma School District concentrating on preschool programs.  I worked in variety of classrooms (Head Start, ECEAP, and Title I) some as long term substitute. That experience reaffirmed my desire to teach children.  I am happy to be able to pursue this opportunity with all of you.  I look forward to meeting all of you and having a fun year with your children.

The Preschool Teacher's Role

The preschool teacher is hired and paid by the parents in the preschool and plays a vital part in the quality of the preschool program. The teacher:
  • Attends preschool each day the school is in session.
  • Works closely with the Home and Family Life instructor at Bates Technical College regarding educational programs and the needs of the group.
  • Plans and implements a developmentally appropriate curriculum for the children's preschool, within the NAEYC guidelines.
  • Sets up the preschool environment. Directs the preschool's daily schedule, supervising free play, clean-up, and leads group times with the children. Checks supplies often and sees that they are purchased.
  • Directs the parents in their role as assistant teachers, making suggestions that will help parents to work effectively in the classroom with children.
  • Models appropriate interactions with children, to include factual commenting, redirecting and problem solving.
  • Attends board and preschool meetings sharing the curriculum and feedback regarding preschool happenings.
  • Holds a current First Aid/CPR card
  • Attends teacher meetings and in-services offered by Bates Technical College, as well as workshops and classes relating to Early Childhood Education.